Anonymous:  Hi! I was wondering whether you had any time management tips? I have bad time management, and I wanted to know what methods you think work best. To do lists etc (It would be really cool if they could be applied to everyday to-dos as well, not just studying) thank you!


Hello. In terms of time management tips, I have a few:

  • A hard truth to tell those of us who procrastinate, but the day you get your homework, start it. It does not matter whether you have a week or a month time before the due date, just start. The due dates will sneak up on you if you tell yourself, I will do this tomorrow. After 5 tomorrows, you spent about 5 school days not getting your work done.
  • *If you have homework over the weekend, start on Friday. Other students may use their Fridays as a lazy day where they do not do any work at all, but they probably have to work much harder the other two days of the weekend to make up for it. Start early and end it early. If you study on Friday, on Sunday night, you will have free time to relax. 
  • Do the hard stuff first. It does not have to only apply with school work. Anything. Start your day off with an activity that you know you really do not want to do. An activity that may be harder, time consuming… If you face head first, the hardest task, the other tasks will be much easier for you to accomplish. And you will have a sense of motivation and accomplishment afterwards. 
  • Normally we end up spending more time on doing the easy tasks whilst procrastinating and avoiding the harder tasks.
  • There are many productivity applications on Android, IOS. Make use of them. I am currently using an App known as 30/30(IOS) and it is an excellent app to keep track of the amount of time you want to spend on an activity. 
  • Plan out your day, the night before. Figure out what you wish to accomplish the next day. What activities do you have? Rank or note the tasks with stars or any form of symbols. What is something that must be done tomorrow? What is something that can wait a bit?
  • Bullet Journal/Do-list: Just get a loose leaf and make a list. Check mark or cross-off every task that you complete. Just remember not to over task yourself by writing down more tasks than you can accomplish in a day. 

”We end up overestimating what we can accomplish in a day. But, underestimate what we end up underestimating what we can accomplish in the long run.”

If you skip a task or unable to complete some tasks on your list, do not fret about it. Just be proud of what you have accomplished today. It may not be every tasks that you wished to have accomplish, but it is still something.

Best of Luck.

Teachers who remind you that you have one week to write a 4 page research paper.

I hate you.